Pet Doctors of Atlanta is an half-hour long reality television series that follows Atlanta-based veterinarian Dr. Arvid Edward in his busy, chaotic animal practice and personal life. The office’s diverse group of animal patients, along with their colorful owners, make the every day unpredictable and surprising for our lead doctor and his colleague Dr. James Bogan, who has a special interest in exotic animals.From saving pets’ lives in the emergency rooms to educating the public on simple ways to keep their pets happy and healthy, Dr. Arvid Edward handles it all. His charming personality makes the show not only entertaining but also informative. We then follow Dr. Arvid Edward home to his wife and two young children who have their own pets, their own personalities and their own drama.There is something for everyone to enjoy on Pet Doctors of Atlanta. Audiences will be fascinated by Dr. Arvid Edward’s various animal patients and be on the edge of their seats during the critical, emergency room situations he and his colleague Dr. James Bogan deal with on a daily basis. As Dr. Arvid Edward welcomes audiences into his home, they will also fall in love with his family.